Parasite Cleanse – Days 4 to 7

Found out that the rash and itching is actually a result of the detox working.  It passed by the fourth day and I’m just fine and dandy.  No more side effects and feeling really good. Eight more days to go.  Oh, the fun of it all.   Amazing how many people are fascinated with the whole subject of this and also eager to give it a go.

Day 1 to 3 Parasite Cleanse

According to my Kinesiology therapist,  the tincture of Wormwood, Clove and Black Walnut is the best way to apply the cleanse.   15 to 20 drops in water each morning, on an empty stomach, and then nothing to eat or drink for 30 mins afterwards.

First day, made me feel decidedly queasy.   Not sure if this is psychological, but judging from the clear out this caused, I’m doubting it.   Make sure you do this first day with no work or distractions.   The taste of the stuff is pretty vile, bitter and leaves a lingering taste in the mouth, but it’s not unbearable.  Tastes mostly of cloves.

Second day I felt much better.   In fact, I felt very sprightly.  However, I broke out in rash on legs and arms, and had to take a Piriton anti-histamine at bed time.  I have to say, the itching sensation kept me awake half the night.

Third day.   Feeling better again.  Rash has gone.  Bowels settled down.   All is well.


Wee Beasties – Parasite Cleanse

We all have them – internal parasites.  Parasitic infections are more common than you may think ,and often,  a parasite can thrive in the human body and show no signs of its presence.

The strength of your immune system will determine whether or not you are vulnerable to a parasite infection.

Here are three red flags that indicate you may be carrying a parasite unknowingly:

  1. Chronic digestive issues, even when eating a highly alkaline diet rich in good bacteria.
  2. Mental distress like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and behavioral changes.
  3. Autoimmune disorders like reactive arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

If you eat a perfect diet, practice stress management, and still struggle with the issues above, a parasite could be to blame.

So, how do we pick up parasites?

Through the air
Unwashed fruit and veg
Contaminated undercooked  meat
Bad hygiene in toilets and other public places can also be the cause.


It may be hard to stomach, but yes, parasite eggs are often airborne.   We actually breathe them in.   That’s how easy it is to catch them.   You may wash your hands after visiting the bathroom, but do others?   How often do we actually wash our fruit and veg?  We love our pets, right?  So much we kiss and fondle them.

So, how do we get rid?   By performing a 15 day parasite cleanse.    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be chronicling my own cleanse, how you do it and how it makes you feel.


The Science of Reiki

The human body has an energy field. All tissues and organs produce specific magnetic pulsations, which have come to be known as biomagnetic fields. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, a distinguished researcher at Yale University School of Medicine, Harold Saxon Burr, suggested that diseases could be detected in the energy field of the body before physical symptoms appear. Moreover, Burr was convinced that diseases could be prevented by altering the energy field.

These concepts were ahead of their time, but are now being confirmed in medical research laboratories around the world. Scientists are using SQUID instruments to map the ways diseases alter biomagnetic fields around the body. Others are applying pulsating magnetic fields to stimulate healing. Again, sensitive individuals have been describing these phenomena for a long time, but there was no logical explanation of how it could happen.

Projection of energy from the hands of healers.

Electromagnetic radiation in the intermediate frequency range has found a place in modern medical practice for the treatment of bone healing and for nerve stimulation and regeneration. It is also approved as cancer therapy in form of tumour treating fields, using alternating electric fields in the frequency range of 100–300 kHz. Since some of these methods involve magnetic fields that invoke electric currents in biological tissues and others only involve electric fields, they are strictly speaking electro-therapies, albeit their application modi with modern electronic equipment have placed them in the category of bioelectromagnetic interactions.

In the early 1980’s, Dr. John Zimmerman began a series of important studies on therapeutic touch, using a SQUID magnetometer at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. Zimmerman discovered that a huge pulsating biomagnetic field emanated from the hands of a Reiki practitioner. The frequency of the pulsations is not steady, but “sweeps” up and down, from 0.3 to 30 Hz (cycles per second), with most of the activity in the range of 7-8 Hz (Figure 2). The biomagnetic pulsations from the hands are in the same frequency range as brain waves and scientific studies of the frequencies necessary for healing indicate that they naturally sweep back and forth through the full range of therapeutic frequencies, thus being able to stimulate healing in any part of the body.

All hail Reiki!

When A Beloved Pet Dies

Losing a pet can be akin to losing a friend or family member.   The grief we suffer is just as painful, just as acute and unbearable as when we lose any living loved one.  But often, the life of our pet has been in our hands since we first became friends and companions, and sadly, it’s often our responsibility to end that life in the most loving and humane way possible.

No matter how good a life you gave your fur baby, no matter how logical that terrible final decision is, nothing takes away  the feelings of guilt about how much more we could have done, did we leave it too late, did we choose too soon, could some new drug or operation have given you both some more precious time?

The answer with most terminal animals is simply, no.   Our old dog was 14 when he passed three weeks ago.   He’d struggled on with diabetes, heart murmur, arthritis, dry eye, blindness and in the latter weeks, he became more and more feeble and distressed.  Through it all, he still ate heartily, and on good days, wanted his walk, but the good days were getting less and less, and walks involved many stops for breath and stumbling steps. Dogs are notorious for hiding their pain. They don’t want to bother you with it, and gamely push themselves onwards as your own love gets in the way of  doing what is right.  There’s a period of denial, of lingering desperation as you strive to overcome the inevitable.   We’d had Nico since he was 8 weeks old, and he was one of the family, part of us.

Then came the day he could no longer stand properly, and we knew the time had come.  I knelt down beside him on the hallway floor, and he was panting heavily, crying softly to himself and as I touched him, I felt him reach out to me…’Mum, I’m weary.’

We rang the vet, who came out to the house so that Nico’s stress would be minimised. They gently explained what would happen, how he’d simply slip away but his body might gasp a little and he may twitch as the reflexes of death took over.   I won’t deny it was pure torture, my darling boy was being put to sleep and we’d made that decision.  The guilt was immense.  I knelt down in the garden on that warm summer day, holding his head, my forehead pressed to his, inhaling his sweet doggy smell for the last time, and fighting to hold back my tears because he was such an empathic creature and always got concerned if I cried.

My beautiful dog passed gently from us, reborn into the spirit world on 23rd June 2016.

RIP my NooNoo.





Reiki Benefits

Works well alongside regular medicine and medical treatments on all chronic and acute diseases, though it should never replace what your doctor prescribes.

Speeds up healing both physical and mental.   Helps to cope with arthritis pain, stiffness, and increases ease of movements. Improves circulation and reduces swelling. Balances organs and glands and their bodily functions. Strengthens immune system, and improves capacity of your body’s ability to clear toxins. Supports pregnancy and childbirth. Many women report painless childbirth by using Reiki.

– Helps calm the mind.
– Improves clearer thinking.
– Enhances personal awareness.
– Increases intuition.
– Leads to a more purposeful direction in life.
– Aids in feeling more connected and in tune with others and the universe.


– Relaxes deeply.
– Helps to clear and transform grief, fear and anger with unconditional love.
– Promotes emotional wellbeing and  self-healing.
– Increases self-confidence.
– Induces and encourages you to  feel peaceful, joyful and loved.

Crystal of the Month


Fluorite may be the world’s most colourful mineral because of the enormous range of brilliant and even iridescent colours it displays.

The fact is,  pure fluorite crystals are transparent.

A crystal’s colour is dictated by the way light interacts with the chemicals in it, and by how these are bonded in an orderly structure, or lattice. Any impurities that work their way into fluorite’s lattice can alter its apparent colour. For example, manganese ions turn it orange.

Structural defects within the lattice, known as colour centres, have a similar effect.

Fluorite forms in hydrothermal veins in the Earth’s crust and in cavities in sedimentary rocks. Over the centuries, these fissures are constantly opening and closing, sometimes cutting off the fluids needed for fluorite to form. It’s the subtle changes in the chemistry of these fluids that causes colour zoning in the crystals as they grow.

From a spiritual point of view, Fluorite promotes  psychic  development, protection, and brings peace.  It helps one meditate and learn to go past the “chatter” that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate. Deeper meditation past the “chatter” can give access to cosmic truth, attune to spirit guides or animal totems. This energy can be used to manifest one’s life purpose.  Fluorite can reduce fear of the future as well as ease anger and depression. Fluorite can remove confusion and mental “fog” to create order and harmony in life.

Fluorite is often used in crystal healing for high or low blood pressure, detoxification, cholesterol, bones, teeth, dizziness, vertigo, balance of brain hemisphere, pain, joints, respiration, food intolerance, mobility issues, anti-viral, pineal gland problems, posture, nerves, inflammatory diseases, strengthen body, colds, flu, insomnia, protection from contagions, and ideal health.

And it’s pretty.  What more could you want?

Rainbow Fluorite - Origin Unknown